The unanimity thesis

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Groepsdenken (en: think) is een psychosociaal fenomeen, waarbij een groep -van op zich zeer bekwame personen- zodan wordt beïnvloed door groepsprocessen, dat de kwaliteit van groepsbesluiten vermindert.

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The Confessional Synod of the German Evangelical Church met in Barmen, May 29-31, 1934.

A Criterion of Probabilistic Causation - ResearchGate

A Criterion of Probabilistic Causation - ResearchGate

The problem is too many Muslims in a society that many Muslims despise.

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The centuries-long conflict between Islam and the West is ongoing, and it erupts intermittently on French soil in the form of the shooting of January 2015 (twelve dead), the multiple Paris attacks of November 2015 (130 dead, 368 wounded), and now the truck attack in Nice (ehty-four dead so far, and more than one hundred injured).The Theological Declaration of Barmen

The unanimity thesis:

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